This course educates students about local planning.

This course emphasizes the growing professionalism of Human Resource and Management.  Its central focus is managing people within the employer-employee relationship. It aims at teaching students the salient techniques for putting in order an organization’s workforce thru effective human resources policies and procedures in the public sector .  To wit, recruitment and selection, job designing, rewards and compensation, and training individuals for a career. Thus, if the government aims at successfully and effectively improving its public services, the institution should therefore make a conscious effort to integrate strategic human resource management into the institution’s planning and decision-making processes.  The fact is, without employees there would be no possibility of achieving results despite the presence of advance technology and abundant financial resources.  Government should rather look at its employees as human capital whose intentional value is to have the most efficient government possible.

This course will enable students to know and understand the importance of local government units (LGUs) in nation building through the improvement of its public services, management of its resources towards economic prosperity which would thereby lead to poverty alleviation at the local level. Under this course, the core functions of LGUs will be discussed with emphasis on the different plans that they have to formulate such as the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Annual Investment Plan, among others that serve as their guide/framework in the administration of their resources and in the implementation of its programs, projects and activities (PPAs).

This course is intended to help