This course introduces the students to the concepts, theories and applications of public human resource management and development. It focuses on familiarizing all students with the (1) nature of the civil service system, rules, and guidelines which follow the principle of merit and fitness, (2) measures adopted to promote morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness, courtesy and professionalism, (3) human resources development programs integrated for all levels and ranks and (4) institutionalized management climate conducive to public accountability. It involves personnel management and development programs which are geared toward career and employee development.  Personnel Management and Development, as the practice of consciously and continually shaping the organization through its human resource, is the essential tool in achieving its performance goals. Management and development have even become more inextricably linked with the organization in the pervasiveness of turbulent changes and their impact to the organization because these emerging realities challenge the management to find creative solutions to the challenges faced by the organization. Further, the attainment of the public mandates and goals are linked with the performance, competence and satisfaction of the human resource in every institution.